Dynamic Breathing: How to Manage Your Asthma
By Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
A fully revised, updated (and renamed) edition of the successful 2002 Breathing Works for Asthma, this book is the asthma sufferer’s indispensable companion. Read more…


Breathe Stretch and Move: Improve Your Working Day
By Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith
Workers today are becoming more sedentary. We are thinking more and using our bodies less – we communicate all day with a computer screen, becoming so absorbed that our shoulders tense, our breathing changes, we hold our breath too much and, by the end of the day, we’re exhausted. Read more…

Hyperventilation Syndrome: Breathing Pattern Disorders
NZ edition
By Dinah Bradley
12% of the population suffer from hyperventilation syndrome in varying degrees and experience distressing fears along with the puzzling array of symptoms that accompany bad breathing. Read more… 

Hyperventilation Syndrome: Breathing Pattern Disorder
UK edition
By Dinah Bradley
While explaining what hyperventilation is and what causes it, this book includes tests which enable the reader to check whether they are bad breathers, and exercises which lessen the effect and enable the sufferer to breathe properly. Read more…

Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders
By Leon Chaitow, Christopher Gilbert, Dinah Morrison
Disordered breathing patterns may be a symptom or a cause of frequently undiagnosed health problems. A significant proportion of the population worldwide suffers from breathing pattern disorders, particularly in the more developed countries. Read more… 

Breathing Matters
by Dr. Jim Bartley and Tania Clifton-Smith
Breathing Matters is a revolutionary book from one of New Zealand’s top Ear, Nose & Throat surgeons and an expert physiotherapist in breathing pattern disorders/ hyperventilation syndrome. They believe that good breathing patterns can dramatically improve the lives of people with major diseases such as heart disease, asthma and depression. Read more…

All About Breathing and Relaxation

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Nasal Rinsing

Breathing Works stocks sinus rinse pump bottles because our patients have found saline washing to be extremely effective and a great non-drug way to relieve nasal stuffiness.

We’ve all tried it too, and we highly recommend them. It might look disgusting, but don’t be put off. If you suffer with the air con at work or dread the hay fever season, try this natural nasal wash.

To purchase or have your breathing checked for optimum efficiency – contact us today.

The Sinus Rinse kits are:

Sinus rinses:

Bottle + 15 sachets – NZ$ 15.00
Bottle + 60 sachets – NZ$35.00
Postage/packaging – NZ$ 4.00

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