BREATHING WORKS clinics are the first of their kind in Australasia. These clinics are devoted to the treatment of respiratory problems,hyperventilation syndrome, and breathing pattern disorders, and utilise the highly effective BradCliff® breathing methods.  Your first clinic session is one hour and during this time we will listen to your history, do some clinical tests and observations, and then discuss our findings. We will then explain the reasons for your symptoms, and assuming the breathing is the issue, we will teach you how to control or stop the symptoms from reoccurring. You will get a chance to lie down, put your feet up, and breathe well. All programmes are tailor made to suit you, and put you back in control.

One week later a half hour follow-up is essential to ensure a correct appropriate breathing pattern is being established, we will check how you are feeling and what is happening with the symptoms. Remember you will be learning a new habit, and like learning any new skill some ongoing coaching is important to optimise and consolidate your skills. Research suggests it takes 3-6 weeks to form a new habit, and up to six months to consolidate it. Session guidelines run approximately 5-6 sessions over 3-6 months, depending on what is useful for each individual client. NB: Sessions cover more than just breathing, as we are developing a life-long awareness. Other areas covered include developing body awareness, postural balance, lifestyle balance. Treatment progresses from lying to sitting, standing, walking and talking, and with any areas of special interest or need, such as sport, presenting to a group or controlling panic.

A key part of physiotherapy is moving – everything from helping you move sputum/phlegm without endless coughing, to moving with exercise, and most importantly, moving air efficiently through your lungs!

BradCliff Physiotherapists will teach you the best way to breathe.


BREATHING WORKS offer the service of Corporate Health Consultants implementing unique “ Breathe Stretch and Move” programmes to various innovative top companies and institutions New Zealand wide. This programme explains how to listen to your body and use it effectively for maximum mental clarity and physical ease. This helps increase productivity, with fewer ‘sick’ days, and promotes optimum health through re-education and practical recommendations.


The BradCliff® Method of training provides courses and education to health professionals world wide. Certified practitioners are continually informed with the latest research, ethical issues, assessment and treatment guidelines for chronic breathing pattern disorders / hyperventilation syndromes. The BradCliff® Method is a functional breathing based programme that combines breathing / movement and posture.The method is a structured research-based physiotherapy assessment and treatment programme for functional breathing pattern disorders which looks at breathing dysfunction as an indicator of physiological and mechanical imbalances and psychological stress in the human body.