Our Team

reathing Works was founded in 1998, and the clinics are the first of their kind in Australasia. Breathing Works is devoted to the treatment of respiratory problems including asthma and other lung conditions, breathing pattern disorders and anxiety related breathing. We apply the highly effective BradCliff® Breathing Methods in our treatments, and pride ourselves in being Physiotherapists who utilise evidence based practice.

The Breathing Works team are all experts in this field, and we work with people of all ages and all walks of life, from High Performance Sport NZ athletes, tochildren and seniors. We'll help you breathe well to improve your energy, efficiency, focus and performance.

Scott Peirce

Director / Physiotherapist, BHSc(Physiotherapy) PGCert(Western Acupuncture), MPNZ, Partner BradCliff Breathing

Scott is an innovative and passionate physiotherapist, who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Breathing Pattern Disorders. He is currently undertaking research in this area in conjunction with AUT. Scott also has postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture, and he has more than 13 years experience working in musculoskeletal and hospital settings. Scott enjoys coming up with new ideas, and combining his very large toolbox to tackle even the most complex and difficult problems with positive outcomes.

Brooke Peirce

Director / Physiotherapist, BHSc(Physiotherapy) PGDip(Rehabilitation), MPNZ, Partner BradCliff Breathing

Brooke is passionate about treating breathing dysfunction. She utilises her strong musculoskeletal background to create an integrative approach, connecting breathing with restoring optimal movement, posture, and function. Brooke began her physiotherapy career as an athlete representing New Zealand in Triathlon, as a result has a deep understanding of the requirements for sport and activity. Brooke has completed postgraduate training in Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture, and Ultrasound Imaging.

Tania Clifton-Smith

Physiotherapist, Dip Physiotherapy, MNZP, NZMTA ITEC (Lon), BradCliff Breathing Partner

Tania co-founded Breathing Works in 1998, which was the first clinic of its kind in Australasia. Throughout her career, Tania has been an inspiring influence on Health Professionals the world over, and is a World expert in breathing dysfunction. She has a particular interest in children, athletes and the anxious client. Tania lectures within the medical profession and corporate sectors, and has been published both academically and in the main stream.

Janet Rowley

Physiotherapist, MHSc(Hon), Dip Physiotherapy, MNZP

Janet completed her Masters of Health Science (Hon) in 2005, and is an extremely experienced and passionate physiotherapist. Janet started with Breathing Works in 2003, and she has a particular interest in asthma education, anxiety, dance and movement. Janet strives to find the cause of breathing dysfunction, and enjoys reading the latest research to inform her treatments.

Aveny Moore

MPNZ ADP(OMT), Diploma of Manual Therapy (Physiotherapy), BradCliff Breathing Practitioner

Aveny Moore has thirty years of experience in Physiotherapy and has previously run her own practice in Ponsonby for 20 years. She has post-graduate qualifications in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Manipulative Therapy with a special interest in the use of rehabilitation and exercise to support optimal movement. She utilises her strong musculoskeletal background to create an integrative approach, connecting breathing with restoring optimal movement, posture, and function, and her goal is to not only provide direct treatment, but to support self-help and management and provide you with strategies to prevent recurrence.