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  1. POWERbreathe Medic Plus

    POWERbreathe Medic Plus is a Respiratory Muscle Training device (RMT) scientifically proven to strengthen the respiratory muscles, reducing breathlessness, improving exercise tolerance and enhancing quality of life in a wide range of patients. POWERbreathe Medic Plus is the second generation of POWERbreathe Medic RMT devices.

    POWERbreathe Medic Plus Features:

    • 65% improvement in airflow dynamics compared to POWERbreathe Medic Classic
    • Pressure Threshold training
    • Improved, more comfortable mouthpiece
    • Easy, visible load adjustment (no need to remove cover as with Classic Medic)
    • Mechanically adjustable variable load settings (9 - 78cmH2O)
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  2. POWERbreathe Plus - Green

    Light Resistance - Green

    Choose POWERbreathe Plus Light Resistance:

    • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have no breathing problems
    • If you exercise / are physically active for less than 2.5 hours per week and have breathing problems - from minor to severe
    • If you exercise / are physically active for more than 2.5 hours per week and have severe breathing problems

    POWERbreathe Plus (Light Resistance) uses a variable load calibrated spring, calibrated to a Light Resistance. It can be adjusted from the lowest load setting (17cmH2O) when you begin training and increased as your breathing muscles adapt and become stronger (maximum load setting 98cmH2O).

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  3. POWERbreathe K5

    Choose POWERbreathe K5:

    • For inspiratory muscle training (IMT), testing, warm-up, cool-down, graphical results, and advanced Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software
    • For a max of 30 user/client profiles - 1200 stored sessions per user

    K5 Features:

    • Auto-optimising IMT - automatically adapts to your training requirements
    • Training Intensity - can be set to ‘auto’ or ‘manual’ for increasing/decreasing load intensity (cmH2O)
    • Training Guidance - guides you to breathe at an appropriate rate
    • Training Results - scroll between results for Load, Power, Volume, Flow and Energy
    • Single Breath Test - measures inspiratory muscle strength, peak inspiratory flow rate and inhaled volume in a single breath
    • Warm-up & Cool-down - automatically sets the optimal resistance for inspiratory muscle warm-up and cool-down
    • Training History - displays a graphical history of your last 36 training sessions allowing you to review trends and previous personal best results
    • Breathing Energy - measures the mechanical work of breathing during your breathing session
    • Breathe-Link Software - Windows and Mac connectivity via USB enables real-time training and performance testing
    • Breathe-Link Pro-View - use this for advanced, detailed, simultaneous plotting and analysis of all IMT data
    • Breathe-Link Custom - allows you to create and upload your own personalised breathing training sessions
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  4. Shaker Classic

    The Shaker Plus is an autoclavable, easy to use respiratory device for mobilising pulmonary secretions such as mucus and catarrh. It may be cleaned in an autoclave and therefore may be sterilised, making it suitable for multiple-use and suitable for clinical settings. The Shaker Plus is ideal for people suffering from: 

    • Chronic Bronchitis
    • Bronchiectasis
    • Emphysema
    • Asthma
    • Cystic Fibrosis

    It is easy-to-use and enables both children and adults to gain relief quickly and easily, whenever required.

    The Shaker Plus is the next generation model of Shaker mucus clearance devices and employs improved airflow for higher intensity vibrations making it excellent for increasing expectoration, improving lung function and reducing dyspnoea.

    The major benefit of the Shaker Plus 'multi-user' version is that it can be reused when sterilised in an autoclave between uses.

    Minimum pressure required when using Shaker products:

    • Shaker Classic – 12cmH2O
    • Shaker Deluxe - 18 cmH2O
    • Shaker Plus - 10 cmH2O
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  5. Flowball - Blue

    Flow-ball by POWERbreathe is a respiratory exercising device, designed to encourage a focused and steady breath which is particularly useful to those in Performing Arts where breath control is fundamental.

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  6. POWERbreathe Trysafe Filter (single) - blue

    This POWERbreathe TrySafe filter (blue) is a single use filter for use with all POWERbreathe series' models.

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